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  • $ 61.00

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    $ 61.00
  • $ 38.50

    If MacGyver played paintball, this would be his tool. The new DYE Multi-Tool is loaded with various tools specific to the DYE and PROTO series of markers, all in one small, convenient package. 

    $ 38.50
  • $ 10.00

    The legendary DYE flexible double-sided fuzzy stick squeegee is back and better than ever!  Whether you are polishing your CF/GF/Ultralite or clearing out broken paint in the middle of a game the Dye Fuzzy stick will be sure to keep every shot on point!

    $ 10.00
  • $ 26.00

    We teamed up with the guys from Exalt Paintball to do a Collaboration of the “Exalt Barrel Maid” branded as the “Dye Slick Stick” in an Exclusive Dye Color.

    $ 26.00
  • $ 11.00

    Now with a new formula better engineered specifically for paintball. A well oiled marker goes the distance, so keep your marker properly lubed with the good stuff.

    $ 11.00
  • $ 18.50

    DYE BARREL SHEATH/SOCK GREYQuickly replacing traditional barrel plugs, the soft barrel sock is fashionable and fits into your pocket comfortably. The unique elastic tip design catches misfired balls without breaking them.

    $ 18.50
  • $ 48.00

    The Rotor Quick Feed 6.0 system has been reformulated and improved for an extremely durable performance. 

    $ 48.00
  • $ 38.00

    Dye Boom Box Barrel Case

    $ 38.00
  • $ 64.00

    The Rotor R2 Quick Feed system has officially re-set the standard for lidless feed systems. An industry first design allows for the most performance driven Quick Feed system on the market. 

    $ 64.00
  • $ 124.90

    The Guerrilla Air 13ci 3000psi Aluminum HPA Tank is a mag and pump player’s dream! Guerilla Air took the paintball world by storm with their breakthrough Myth Regulator. This high performance HPA tank reg is the smallest and lightest in the industry while still maintaining an amazingly fast recharge and consistency.

    $ 124.90
  • $ 159.90

    48 Cubic Inches (0.8 Liter) Alloy Tank The most common tank for paintball guns. This works on everything!

    $ 159.90
  • $ 349.90

    68 Cubic Inches (1.1 Liter) Carbon Fibre Tank The most common tank for paintball guns. This works on everything!

    $ 349.90
  • $ 6.00

    The DYE Alpha Pod should be your first choice for hauling paint. 150 Ball capacity. No collar for solid construction. Stylish ergonomic designed exterior for improved grip and function. Locking tab for harness string makes sure your added pods stay locked and loaded. Durable Polypropylene composition.

    $ 6.00

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items

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